Is your Palo Santo and White Sage ethically and sustainably harvested?

Our Palo Santo is absolutely legally and ethically harvested, we source our Palo from a small business who works directly with the Plant Protection Organization of Peru - with proof of a Certificate and also the Certificate of Origin from the Peruvian Government. They sustainably extract from Ecuadorian and Peruvian reserves, harvesting after the wood has naturally fallen and left to dry for some time.
By sourcing directly from them, we help to stop the illegal harvesting and sale of this sacred natural incense. 

So, is Palo Santo really endangered? 

No. In fact, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) released a review of Palo Santo’s conservation status in late 2019, declaring it to be “of least concern”. 

Where does the confusion come from, then?

The IUCN has declared Palo Santo to be “of least concern” on a global scale; however, national governments also determine a plant’s regional conservation status.
This means a plant can be listed as endangered in one country and not another. For example, back in 2005, Palo Santo was listed as endangered. This is no longer the case.
It’s important to remember that while the Palo Santo tree itself isn’t endangered, its natural habitat - tropical dry forests are. Tropical dry forests have a dry period (hence their name), allowing people to go in and easily log or clear trees for ranching purposes. Further complicating matters, improper harvesting of Palo Santo could be contributing to the decimation of tropical dry forests and to the Palo Santo species as a whole. Therefore, consumers must ensure that the Palo Santo they’re buying is sustainably and ethically produced. Even better - know where your Palo Santo is coming from.

Can I wear my jewelry in water?

We do not recommend that you wear your jewelry in water or get it wet. The gold in every piece is 14k PLATED or FILLED gold which means it is not solid gold... it will tarnish in color if moisture stays on the item. Overtime, water and moisture can damage break down the materials used to create your piece and cause it to dull in appearance or break.

How often should I cleanse my jewelry?

We recommend cleansing your jewelry when it begins to feel "heavy". As a general guideline, cleanse your jewelry every 5-7 days to keep your crystals at their highest vibration possible. We recommend you trust your intuition and go with what feels that best. If wet, please dry with a soft cloth (not a polishing cloth) immediately.

I just received my crystals. Now what do I do?

First you want to cleanse your crystals. The safest ways to cleanse would be through moonlight or smoke cleansing. Moonlight cleansing is to simply place in the moonlight outside (in a dish or area where it wil be dry and safe of damage) or inside on a windowsill. Don't forget to bring in the crystals before sunlight. Simple, yet very powerful and efficient. You may smoke cleanse using an incense, dried herb bundle, or a stick of Palo Santo.
Then you want to set your intention for your crystal or jewelry. Once you’ve done both of those things, you can then begin working with or wearing the item.

What wrist should I wear my bracelet on?

The left side of your body is your receiving side and also deals with your internal self. This is where your habits, motivation and emotions reside. When you wear jewelry on this side of your body, you can make necessary internal shifts or invite specific energy into your life.

The right side of your body is your action side or giving side. Wearing crystals on the right side aids in your productivity and controls the energy you put out into the world.

These are examples, always trust your intuition and do what feels best to you!