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Mira Bracelet

$30.00 - $35.00

I am protected from all forms of the evil eye. Through jealousy, anger, hurt, or sadness, no evil will come my way and invade my energetic space. No evil formed against me by hateful eyes will prosper.

Handmade with love.

The evil eye has been used throughout the centuries to ward off curses or malicious intent. Many believed the evil eye could protect against three different kinds – unintentional, intentional, and unseen. These curses manifest in things such as jealousy, someone wishing you bad luck, or negative energy surrounding you. Anyone who feared ill intent or bad luck would often wear the evil eye for protection.

Pearls radiate in their own healing energy too. They are known as an introspective gem, which means they guide us back into ourselves and show us our own sense of sublime wisdom. Yet, the luminous pearl doesn’t stop there. This pretty orb is brimming with benefits for the body, mind, and soul.

Onyx is believed to be a stone of protection and strength. It is said to help its wearer stay grounded and focused, and to provide support in difficult times. Every piece of Onyx California handmade jewelry has an Onyx attached. πŸ–€

To keep jewelry looking it's best, please keep dry. 14k gold filled chain and beads, with genuine Freshwater Pearls and a blue Evil Eye bead in the center.

Please allow 1-3 weeks for creating and shipping as orders are hand made. Thank you!

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